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Twenty11 Media has been creating inspired solutions for 10 years total. We are here to help you with your web design, web development, product design, and strategy.

Since 2011, I’ve partnered with purpose-driven companies and individuals to help them compete better in the marketplace. I do this by creating stronger brands and developing an image that fits the client’s goals and dreams.

By taking the time to research and listen,  I can help you identify gaps in perception, attitudes and beliefs that will otherwise go unaddressed – gaps that can cost you money, time and employees, prohibit you from reaching your goals and target market.

Design plays a pivotal part in our everday lives. It informs, persuades, engages and shapes decisions in many ways.

Design is not an option. It is a necessity.


Deadlines are looming. You’ve got to deliver something that looks amazing. Something packed with professional looking visuals that translate smoothly across print and digital platforms. No time to reinvent the wheel. You need that reliable ‘go-to’ person who can make your material look great so you can dominate your market and impress your clients.

I’ve spent crazy amounts of time obsessing over the details of web and print … so you don’t have to.


Building a brand from the ground up with cohesive messaging, logos, colors, fonts, and more. A brand is not just a logo, an identity or product. A brand is the gut feeling a person has about a product, service or organization. From brand definition to messaging and identity design, we provide strategic thinking that will carry your company successfully into the future.


From stationery and fliers and business cards to direct mail postcards to event displays and brochures, graphic design promotes your brand and facilitates a relationship with your customers.A major problem many brands face is the ability to grab the attention of their desired audience. Your audience is constantly distracted everywhere they go, with social media ads, billboards, flyers, and more. How can you stand out amongst the thousands of brands pushing out content?

An effective graphic design will allow you to penetrate through the noise and grab your audience’s attention. You will be able to express your message through visuals and deliver an experience that will enhance your brand above average companies.


Your web design is the first impression for your online customers, make sure it is a good one! Digital design is the key channel to experience your story. Website creation is route one to your audience. Using the latest tools, technologies, and content management systems, we create user-friendly websites that combine style with substance.


Often post project but also provided independently, hosting and maintenance is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. We provide a number of website hosting, care and technical support services to improve your website performance.

Web Design & Development (Quick Pricing)

Website installation/consultation & Maintenance

From $150
  • Struggling to set up website? You're not alone! Let us help...
  • Want to do it yourself? We can offer advice and help with your domain name, buying & installing a template and teach you the basics to get you started.

2 Page/Simple Website

  • Great for individuals or simple promotions
  • Domain name
  • 1 yr Hosting
  • Custom design
  • Mobile-friendly design

Ecommerce/Large-Scale Website

From $750
  • Great for small businesses who want to sell their products online
  • Domain name
  • 1 yr Hosting
  • Email Address
  • Custom Design
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Ecommerce capabilities


Desmond Barber

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